Match the right work to the right resource

Current reality

In-House Legal Departments often assign work indiscriminately today, sending it to a “default” firm or vendor. This can lead to increased cost and diminished speed and quality.

Desired state

Create a complementary ecosystem of vendors, tightly connected to each other and to your business. Break your case work into pieces and route each component to the vendor best suited to deliver the desired outcome at the best cost.

  • Analyze work types and processes (strategic nature, volumes, skill level required) to identify insourcing and or outsourcing opportunities
  • Define and structure relationships with managed service providers and LPOs
  • Disaggregate larger projects into distinct but connected elements
  • Tap the best expertise and experience across both your in-house teams and your ecosystem of legal service providers
  • Diminish your reliance on high-cost and ill-suited law firm support
  • Innovate new solutions by using technology to connect diverse service providers
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