Organization Optimization and Health

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Build effective and motivated teams

Current reality

Often, In-House Legal Departments are assembled without a clear overall vision, meaning they may hire for short-term need rather than overall fit and long-term effectiveness. In many cases, key aspects of the employee experience – such as career planning, skills development, and job satisfaction – are overlooked today.

Desired state

Design and support balanced, driven, high-impact teams. Hire for team fit and bring in a diverse, complementary mix of skills and perspectives. Identify potential leaders and encourage promising careers through targeted programs that enhance the teams’ education, experiences and exposure. Help foster a positive and engaged culture through offsites and skills development.

  • Bring a strong overall vision to your team and your HR planning
  • Design a hiring process that is objective, fair, and leads to a diverse and effective team
  • Encourage your best employees through promotions and special opportunities
  • Support your team’s well-being by focusing on work/life balance and mental health initiatives
  • Create a pipeline of talent by investing in mentoring, internship programs, and succession planning
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