Compliance and Sanctions

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Corporate executives and board of directors have increasing demand on evidences of whether their corporate compliance infrastructures, processes and controls are effective, integrated, efficiently risk-aligned and embedded throughout a complex, global organization. Effective and cost-efficient management of legal, regulatory and reputational obligations is a critical element of corporate governance and enterprise risk management.

As legal risk management has become a critical area of focus for organisations, PRAETOR FORENSIC AUDITING assists clients in developing and implementing multidisciplinary compliance programs tailored to their needs. its work includes compliance risk assessment, compliance program gap assessment and improvement recommendations, design implementation assistance for compliance process, deployment of governance, risk and compliance, technology, and data analytics and compliance monitoring.

PRAETOR FORENSIC AUDITING delivers tailored mandatory and voluntary compliance programs to help our clients anticipate and manage the myriad of risks they face in the current legal environment, including from an employment law perspective: anticorruption, competition, data privacy, etc. It offers compliance solutions to better meet the unique needs of each company: preventive or corrective action audits, risk mapping, alert systems, best practices, internal controls, training seminars, etc.

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