Forensic Business Intelligence

december 1, 2020 News Releases 0 Comments

Forensic Business Intelligence assists in conducting research and collecting information about a target or an entity through searches on public domain information sources on-site visits and interviews.

PRAETOR FORENSIC AUDITING provides Forensic Business Intelligence Services to eliminate opportunities for fraud. The firm advises clients when the need further information about a potential business partner, another party in a hostile takeover, a competitor or a commercial opportunity. Entering into any significant commercial transaction involves risk, but by providing relevant an reliable intelligence the firm helps clients make better decisions.

Key features of our forensic business intelligence services include:

  • Strategic advice on new market entry
  • Guidance on global privatisation, tender or licensing processes
  • Identifying agents of influence
  • Competitive intelligence and monitoring competitor behaviour
  • Cross-border M&A support, including location of suitable local partners
  • Commercial due diligence on new business relationships
  • Identifying and implementing responses to legislation and government action
  • Bespoke security analysis and threat assessments
  • Political risk analysis and assessments
  • Strategic forecasting and intelligence estimates
  • Intelligence consultancy
  • Special intelligence services

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